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Evernew Caravans are built different

Evernew Caravans has been manufacturing caravans since 1968 and we’ve learned a few things along the way.

Every caravan that leaves our Heidelberg factory is a labour of love for our entire team. We implement a detailed quality assurance process to ensure that every caravan satisfies our stringent requirements before customers pick it up and take it out on the road. Our caravans are built with the greatest life spans in mind.

Consequently, Evernew has an unparalleled reputation for producing one of the strongest caravans on the Australian market, with many owners coming back time after time to purchase many Evernew caravans throughout their lives.

our history

In 1963, Bruce Bailey, aged just 19, joined his father in selling new caravans from the front yard of their rented Heidelberg Heights property. They had no idea that more than 50 years later, the Evernew name would be one of Australia’s most loved and renowned caravan brands.

“My father had been in the car industry for many years since the War and was close to early retirement,” Bruce recalled, as we talked in his unpretentious, window-surrounded office. “He had started a business called Evernew Autos in the late 1950s, but with the growing interest in caravans in the early 1960s, he saw a new opportunity that would also allow me to get a start in business.”

Initially, the pair started the company by purchasing brand-new caravans with plywood sides and aluminium roofs from a local Heidelberg manufacturer, branding them ‘Evernew,’ and selling them to eager purchasers for approximately £300 (pounds) – the equivalent of $600 – from their rented home on Bell Street.

By the late 1960s, the caravan industry was thriving, but when the company supplying him with new caravans got into trouble, Bruce decided to manufacture his own under the Evernew brand, which had gained a loyal following. Caravans were mostly made from unpainted silver aluminium back then, but the first Evernew caravans – built in leased workshops in Heidelberg in the early 1970s – were finished in white, making them stand out from the crowd.

The introduction of the pop-top caravan, new materials and the availability of a broader range of comfort features in the 1980s broadened the caravanning public’s options and helped the industry recover, but Evernew chose to remain a custom builder.

from one family to another

Evernew has always been a family business, with Bruce, his son-in-law, Darren, and daughters, Amanda and Leanne, all playing significant roles in the day-to-day operations. Bruce remained a regular face in the Evernew yard until his retirement in 2017, paving the way for a new face to drive the Evernew brand.

Dani Bib came to Evernew Caravans through his experience in the motor vehicle industry and he soon recognised a unique opportunity to build a business for his family to be a part of.

Dani, along with his wife, two sons and daughter-in-law, took over the Evernew brand following Bruce’s retirement, with a clear aim of providing a fresh perspective to the caravan market while retaining the heritage and quality that Evernew founders had cherished.

Evernew Caravans began the process of re-aligning the Evernew brand in 2017, beginning with a new modern logo that pays homage to the former brand elements and preserving the elements that instantly identify Evernew

our commitment to quality

Evernew’s level of quality is one that a wide range of Australian customers trust. Our caravans have been all across Australia, receiving nothing but positive feedback. Every component is checked regularly in our workshop during the manufacturing process to ensure that the highest possible standard is achieved.

Each journey consists of several stages, from placing an order to obtaining the chassis, building the walls to attaching the frame, choosing colours to finalising the delivery. Each step closer to the finish line is photographed and communicated to our customers. It should come as no surprise to anyone that caravans can have a hard life, even if they never see a corrugated road.

Wear and tear are inevitable, so regular maintenance is vital for keeping your Evernew Caravan in top condition. This is not only important for safety, but it will also help keep future repair expenses to a minimum. This is something we are happy to help you with.

Get in touch with our helpful team if you have any inquiries regarding your new Evernew Caravan. We will get back to you as soon as possible.