A blast from the past

While we’re waiting for our latest Signature Edition to roll out of the factory we figured we’d have a look back on what Caravan World had to say about our 50th Anniversary edition caravan.

Evernew Caravans takes the gold!

We’re thrilled to announce Evernew Caravans took home the gold with first place in the People’s Choice – Manufacturer of the Year for 2019. With director of Evernew Caravans, Dani and his wife Nancy in attendance to receive the award at the highlight event of the year for the caravan industry. On behalf of Evernew […]

Evernew e2000 RT-X Review

Evernew takes on off-road ‘big boys’ with new full-size luxury hardcore van Wherever you travel in Australia, you’ll find Evernew caravans – not really surprising for a brand whose origins date back to 1963 with many repeat owners. But still impressive for a relatively small manufacturer that has primarily existed in Victoria over the past […]

Review: Evernew Caravans e2000 RT-X 40 Offroader

Evernew Caravans has long had an enviable reputation. Now, the manufacturer is raising the stakes with the launch of a new offroader, the E2000 RTX 40. Read the full review at https://www.gorv.com.au/review-evernew-caravans-e2000-rtx-40-offroader/

Review: Evernew E900 ATX 2021

Evernew E900 ATX 2021 Review RESPECTED MELBOURNE MANUFACTURER DELIVERS VALUE-PACKED, ALL ROAD COUPLE’S CARAVAN When one of Australia’s oldest continuous caravan manufacturers, Evernew, decided to move completely away from leaf-spring suspension last year, it left a gap in its all-terrain line-up. The result is the new ATX-spec for all-road, long distance travel offered on Evernew’s latest E900/E1000 […]

Evernew Wins Again!

We’d like to thank the team at the Caravan Industry Association and those who took the time to vote. It is an honour to have our organisation recognised at such a high level. We’d like to extend our thank you to our growing clientele, our employees and our Evernew family for the ongoing support.

Review: Evernew E800 RTX28

Evernew’s all-new E800 RTX28 is ultra-tough and laced with luxury.It’s well-documented that Evernew Caravans emerged from humble beginnings in 1963. So, when Dani Bib took over the marquee brand in 2017, he adopted a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. Dani and his professional team have delivered that maxim to the letter! Consequently, […]

The benefits of a custom off-road caravan

Picking the perfect off-road caravan for your needs can be tricky, especially if you are restricting yourself to buying a generic, ready-made model. So, to get what you truly want, it is definitely worthwhile considering designing a custom caravan that will fulfil all of your desires. We know from years of experience that purchasing an outback […]

Rugged tourer extreme in name and nature – Evernew RTX28 S2 Caravan World Review

There are a couple of really important aspects to building a good caravan. Component/supplier selection can never be underestimated. The majority of small-to-medium caravan manufacturers do not make any of the parts that come together to create a van. Instead, they source parts according to the standard of van they want to build, and then […]