Rugged tourer extreme in name and nature – Evernew RTX28 S2 Caravan World Review

There are a couple of really important aspects to building a good caravan. Component/supplier selection can never be underestimated. The majority of small-to-medium caravan manufacturers do not make any of the parts that come together to create a van. Instead, they source parts according to the standard of van they want to build, and then put it together. The processes in place and the attitude to ‘putting the van together’ drive the build quality. Sometimes it doesn’t cost a lot more to build a van well, it’s just a case of discipline. In this review I’ll consider how these variables play out in creating the Evernew RTX28 S2.

I met up with Evernew owner Dani Bib to spend the day checking out the van and learn more about the company. I like to ask the manufacturer what the model number stands for as it can give you an insight into the intent of the vehicle. In this case, the RT stands for Rugged Tourer; the X stands for extreme; 28 designates an ATM of 2800kg; and the S2 designates series 2.

Evernew are custom builders in that they can tailor designs to meet your individual requirements, but they still work off set platforms of designated chassis lengths and ATM categories. To give the range some context, the Evernew website shows RTX28 has twin axled big brothers in the form of the RTX 30 and RTX35 (both with an ATM of 3500kg), while the RTX40 which has an ATM of 4000kg.

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